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I chose to do famous actors who are of Irish descent for my Geogaphy project as it is topical at the moment because many young people are emigrating to America , England and Australia for work. Barack Obama is also visiting Ireland for the first time this summer and his fathers family origionally came from Moneygall, Co Offaly. It is estimated that after 1700 around 9 million Irish emigrated to Britain. In the 80 years up to 1914, 5 million went to the USA. Today 40 million Americans claim direct Irish ancestry. An incredible 80 million people worldwide claim some Irish descent.

You can see the people by clicking on the links below:
George Clooney
Judy Garland
Catherine Zeta Jones
Mischa Barton
Charlie Sheen
Mel Gibson

You can see my google map by clicking here.
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  1. noeleen Says:

    Great project Louise, well done. I liked the way you made it relevant to the emigration that is taking place in Ireland today. Mrs L :)

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